Thursday, October 2, 2008

At a new place...

Hi friends, hi to all after so long time.I have been quite busy in changing my job.Yeah, i have been trying since 2 3 months and finally have done it! Today i completed 1 month here and now got some times to write something as a real re thinker :).

Its been some what hard to change my job after a long period of 3 years in the previous company.But finally i have decided and taken the action.So was busy in starting days learning new things and settling down here.The experience helps in life but we have to move on with new things,new people and of course new technology if we are in the real field:)! Yeah, same here with me here.I am learning new technologies for my work and enjoying the new environment while getting in balance with new people.

Sometimes i miss my friends and the old team, but it happens to everyone.As i think, you have to take some desicions.To get something we must forget others :(!I miss those days with my friends in parties,movies,lunches and suppers :).The long night stay at the company also can be a good moment:).It feels like i have lost all my spice but time will take care of it.And if we always stop ourselves because of emotions then the world will not grow.

Still life is important and friends are like elixir.We must be in touch with our loved ones :).

Monday, July 14, 2008

Life - as per 'A happy crow'

In my childhood, I heard one story which was very popular. And might some of you know it. It tells about how one could find happiness from any kind of situations. I don't remember it fully, but I am writing what it says in some manner.

Once upon a time, a crow flying in the sky went in the king's palace. And he had done something which the king didn't liked. He ordered his men to catch the crow and give him punishment.

The men caught him. But in their surprise, the crow didn't noticing them and even not threatened! He was enjoying even that harassing situation. Then the king decided to give different sort of tortures to him.

They lied him on the hot plates on flames, but the crow was dancing on the plate and enjoying and also singing! They all are surprised.

They drawn him into the water but the crow was enjoying singing that 'i have not taken bath since some days, thank you dear king'.

He had not only tolerated but enjoyed his time during all tortures. The king was amazed by this and felt very confused.

He then left him and asked that why he is not feeling any kind of pain or problems? And what the crow has answered can be amazing for you also!

The crow answered,

"What will be happen I don't know and what is happening is not in my hands. I can't do anything for that but why should i waste my current time in the worries? I must enjoy the time i have right now which is given by god and can't be taken by anyone. That’s what all I do. I enjoy everything everyday and every time!"
The king and his men amazed and left the crow and praised him for his wisdom and fun loving nature.

What you think? This isn't truth? Just think about it, we are always in hurry and worry of something for future forgetting our present time which we have right now. We are always worried about what will happen and not enjoying our life.

What is life? It’s a chain which is made of small moments which we have enjoyed and remembered. That is what life is for. To live, love and be happy with family. :)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Why Murphy's law seems to be true?

I am always curious about this that why it always seems true that when we want something we never get it easily.But its right i mean you all think that how many times you have faced situations like when you want and not getting it done? :)

I have faced it many times.When i want to change something,i can't find things in my favor.Its always like god is not in your favor and always try to keep you trying hard before you got succeed!

I tell you what happened to me this week.Its a rainy season here and i always carry a bigger umbrella with me. And i swear, even not a single time i used it during last 4 days up to Thursday. And on Friday,i got a tiny umbrella to use which can't bear heavy rain. And in my surprise,that day i was accompanied by heavy rain! Even i got wet while coming from hotel in lunch time!:)

This is the latest story which i told. There are plenty of cases when we always thought that why this happens to me only?

But we never looked around us and so was i. I never thought in this way. But one day i thought that it might be i am wrong. Yeah, it can be that when you have something you don't need it. So you don't care about it and so not giving any attention to things. But when you want things, you forgot that you had things when you were never waiting for it. I mean when you were not paying attention to it or not wanting it.

Now i started thinking this way. May be it looks like when we not get anything we want easily,we can be afraid of things or will power can be lowered down.But what i think is we should face such situations and must learn thins from them.

If anyone get everything in their first effort only,then the world will not be like this. We even can't think of it :).

So,be strong..trying for things...and always face the world :).

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Rain is coming,making the climate,
its not so early but not too late.

Trees are friends,brings the rain,
don't kill them,you won't get pain.

making land soft,filled with moisture,
its time to hurray, when rain is here.

Everything is clean,everything is green,
cool wind and water,feels like heaven.

Falling from the sky,i think to fly,
summer bites here, so never say bye.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tours- My last two weekends...

I have been on tour (actually you can say a little traveling :)) since last two weekends.

0n 13th June, I left for pune for a 3 days tour. It was managed so quickly, that I can't get my friend's cam with me :(. Things were cool when we left from here in bus.

But as someone said, 'Not everything happens in our favor when you are in between something'(I don't know who said, may be I? :)). And that happened to me also. Our bus got punctured after 200Kms from here (Baroda). And in my surprise, the sophisticated drivers can't even open the tier for replacement! Ha ha, can you believe that they taken more than 3 hours to replace the tire? Yeah, it was so boring to seat idle when no one knows you and you had not eaten something since 3 hours! But then god helped them and they got it done! Voila!

But someone there has a problem. He had one important exam in the morning. And the bus can't reach on time as per the current situation. The atmosphere was hot of shouts :).And finally they left with another option I think. Even one person who came from there, returned in the next morning from the next station (surat @ 6 AM) as he got hint of being too late for his work and worthless being there! I also was confused about the situation.

In addition to this, heavy rain is our companion for more than 5 hours of path! What to say now? The speed is controlled by the traffic and rain, and people had a nice boring sleep! Still I had a hope to reach about 1PM noon the next day. But all I was wrong and reached there @ 4PM on 14th June, the next day. Count it, it was 21 hours in a hopeless crap bus having AC which we don't want and no speed! I was too tired but my friend was there to pick me up. I was 8 hours late, can you believe that? :)

That was not superb, but ok trip. I had not much time as because of one 'function' there. So finished it all up and I was back here. Now, I will talk about second small trip which is a good experience.

0n 20th, last Friday, I was at my uncle's place. He was going to one pilgrimage by walk. It is 50 kms far from the home. And I was hired to drive the car with the luggage :).

Most different thing is we go on the whole night and sleep all the day. I must stay at every 2 or 3 kms from them as may be they need something while walking. Rather than driving I should say pulling the car :).

It was so boring to stop at every 2 kms and waiting for them.50 kms in 2 nights, 25 on each night. The road was almost empty having very less traffic as the area through which we go is like a jungle. Some places are too empty and feels horrible. Even you can here sound of every smallest thing happens. Instead of this feeling, I was bored because I can't even take a nap :(.

Only thing I fear is a dog! The dogs, which just run behind every car passing through barking constantly! So when ever I see dogs, I even pull the lights of the car off if is stop there. So, they don't bark and disturb me. And yeah, I can't get off the car to rip off :).

At some places, we got some snacks, taken rest for a while. It was totally different experience for me, too stop on the road. One person in the farm, near which I had arranged my car, was too curious about me that why I was there and doing what by stopping the car? It was funny too, as he got one hard stick and then also feared. He just started shouting and i was ignoring him, taking nap. Finally he got out of the farm, on the other side of the road, asking me. I explained him the situation and then he got his heart down :). He told me that he had his crops there in the farm for which he was staying there to keep it safe. I laughed and so he also :)!

Yeah it was tire able, but though I enjoyed. And in the morning, when all they got in the car, everyone is desperate about driving because of sitting positions. Everyone wants to sit comfortably on the driver's seat, but I never let them!

This was my 2 weekends, some mess and some enjoyment :)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The corporate play…

One sunny day, you reached the workplace, found you are one of them who are in early. But still the HR has not come! You just start your PC, check some mails and browse some sites. After a small cup of hot tea you start your work. You always do finish your work first.

May be people around you see movies, always on their (i)Phone talking with somebody or chatting continuously on net, but you are not doing it always for a long time.

Some are chain smokers, smoke 15 to 20 cigarettes per day and at least 10 minutes for each cigar. You never smoke, never take extra cup of tea (even not from you vending machine) and never waste time with smokers outside. You never have time to waste if you have work and in free time you read stuff related to your job things. And you never need to post a note "Don't waste your time here if you have" to show others that you are the only one who works most hard.

In the noon, you got into some stuff. And people point out that some are using resources badly. Its fine if it was up to that. It was gone to extent limit and discussed about what had happened previously before you joined the company and got a big black mail of not being fired because of something which was done by the wrong decisions of some people who might have always bad dreams every night and hopeless thoughts about people working very neatly on their things! The person talks about unrelated things and make all of you feel very bad that you are the most wanted fool and they had done greatness to you! Even all things are ok, everything is fine, and the person never appreciated you all. And whom they had appreciated can be their dear one who only does his work! You all have been told to do things which are not related to your profile whenever you are free, rather than improving your skills in your area! At least everybody needs some appreciation if the work is fine without any big problems. But you can't hope it. Huh, I know this is very long but you will understand it :). May be every one of you have been through this situation.

You can't believe it because the person, who should do things like making business and the company big growing venture, is doing funny and irritating things. If big companies, who were not big when started, always have thought like this then they never grown big. I think this is not bad for the people but bad for company. Because no one will be in if such things are known to the world!

Some people thought that things are ok. And they always say right about the person. May be as others thinks they can be close to or favorite ones of the person! Or maybe they are given rewards for this only! They believe in showing every small thing to the person, showing themselves as good and excellent. Yes it’s good to show your goodness but it’s bad to show others as fool or bad worker even if you are not as good as him!

It’s never been liked being rude to your colleagues and playing a game of betrayals, but corporate is corporate. We all have to face such things. But everything has its limit and every dong has his day. Today may be it is someone's day but may be you will get a chance. But the hope of 'all things will be well' is what everyone thinks. Hope its truth, but i don't think so. You have to do something and change it.

God bless all and give all of you the power and strong thoughts to think something which can be helpful to you and others also.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Why hard to accept

In our life, we do things which may be right or wrong. Even we know, we will not accept things. Accepting in the sense that 'yes, I have done this and this is right' or 'yes, i am sorry. It's wrong'.

But I think many of us can not do this. If keeping professional talking apart, I like to make things clear. In relationships other than you business, the person must keep transparency. It means if you know thing are not well, you should accept it. May be it's your fault? Making things clear with your friends, family and loved ones is the key which keeps your relations very neat and clean.

I have seen things which are not good for relationships. It hurts when it reaches at saturation point because every thing and every one has their own limits. Relations will get punished by yourself and because of your mistakes if you don't understand it properly and take actions to prevent it.

I don't what will happen to such a person if relations going to be broken. May be he will suffer from loneliness and feeling guilty for the whole life for the mistakes he has made!

Update - 23rd March, 2008: Jay has written a nice article "Never late to mend" after reading this post. He has shown a very common incident, may be happened with each of us. But what he has done after that, is so uncommon. And we all should remember this in life, not to forget to ask and give for forgiveness if you know your mistakes.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

True friends can have telepathy...

Yes, I am not joking. This is the true thing happened to me.

It was not weekend though I was very much tired. Not because of my work but being alone and no friends' meet since last 15 days or so. I just dropped at the bus stop nearer to my home and walking towards home. Suddenly I saw a car which remembered me of my good friends. I thought may be he is here. Then I though oh god, he is far away from here about some 5000 Kms. I thought if he is here then we gonna a do lot of fun here. I went to home.

The next day, when I reached my office, doing my work, I got a call from the same friend whom I missed last night! He said, he is here since yesterday! I got amazed and told him also that I just missed you last night though you are here. We met that night and did a lot of fun together, talked so much and missed our school days :).

What you will call this? This is not co-incident, as this happens with me many times. And yeah, I believe in such things also. I think this is called true friendship, because of which we are bounded to our friends. The feeling is so strong that it creates a vibration in you and you can have feel of another person when he/she is around you or missing you. Otherwise you just think why I missed him that night only? I see many cars daily i mean. Then what's so special that night? I call this telepathy, which we Indians believe is a true feeling between your loved ones.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Do what you like; it’s not a waste of time...

I was fond of web publishing since my college days. About five years back, i was in college and we made a group of friends who look into new technologies on internet and find new things. We always wanted to know about things which are new and interesting. Specifically, I was interested in web publishing, writing etc.

I started blogging about 2 to 3 years back. I was more of like to share things. Make reviews, news and all technical information at one place. There was no purpose of making money from it; I just like to create it. It helps me and others in learning or knowing new things. I love blogging because it helps you grow your knowledge, gives you pleasure that you do something creative and also increases your interest in things.

After some 1 year, I got Google ad sense for my blog. Why because I got some good collection of quality and content on it. Its all about how you manage things. I heard from a friend and submitted my blog, and they given me ad sense account. After making my blog quite popular and informative, having good quantity and quality, now after more than a year I got my new domain for it.

When ever I show it to some guys, they always think that I wasted my time in making such nice thing which is not earning as much as it should. I told them that that’s not the purpose for which I started it. I started it because I like to write. Now may be it can help me earning some buck so I can maintain it with new domain. But if its not, then it doesn't mean I should close it or should stop blogging.

May be some day I can get good ads from some big advertisers :)! Or may be not, but that should not be the primary thing if I like to blog for my satisfaction.

And when I helped some to make blogs and how to manage things, they want it immediately in Google index search. I told them that we can't do anything in that except keep posting quality content. May be even you don't need to be in Google search if people like your writing. But some of them are feeling jealous of me that why I am having such a big content full blog? Dude, I have it because I am doing things since 2 years. Its not great thing, anyone can do it if he wants to. They don't like i blog and show them nice tutorials and etc. They want to do blogging for money. I told that if you start like this, then it’s hard to keep your quality. Because you always be in hurry to add more content, though it’s not of your interest!

I think people should do what they like to do. May be others think that you are wasting your time but it doesn't matter. You must keep doing things. If you do proper management and hard work, one day it will help you and gives you the result which may be differ then what you want but always be good :).

So, keep doing things :).

Monday, May 12, 2008

Olden days - golden days...

Hi all.

On my b'day, I am just doing stuff at my job place. And was thinking of my childhood. Ah! It feels very nice mates. It feels like heaven when I remember my olden days. Actually I should call them 'golden days'

yes, in true sense, I miss those days. When in vacation i was at my home town, playing with all friends there and no worries, nothing i need to take care of. My granny just yelling at me even she loves me because she cares for me. All we do is play, play and play! Always roaming in the small town, in the farms, under the trees, around the ponds and... Those were amazing days i mean.

My granny makes good meals for us, save us from everyone who yells at us to stop noise and stay quite. :) That’s the best thing in the world. It feels like you are the ling of the world and nothing matters to you. You only like to have fun as a child. We take mangoes and almonds from trees of the farms. Though sometimes the farmers, who don't know us ran after with the stick and stones. :) God bless them!

But things changed gradually. Small town is now some what big. Though some things never change at all, but its not the same place which I loved once. And even not i am the same one who likes to stay there, scream and play there!

I am now grown, a big boy working as a software Engineer in some foreigner firm, who never gets time now for playing something outdoor. I hardly get some time to visit my old friends. Though I visit my town every month or later but i can't meet all my friends. All my school friends are now far far away (not as in shreak we have :) ) from my place. Some friends who are like me ( who loves there home and got jobs nearby) are here with me. When ever me meet, we talk so much remembering our school days, our time when we never thought of something what we will do in future and always enjoyed.

To all, the thing i want to tell you is keep your friends, relatives and loved ones near you if possible. Don’t let them go away from your heart. Though you are far from them, you can tell them that you miss them and want to stay together. Having a friends' meet is the best thing in world.

So, a toast for all who miss their golden times. :)

God bless all.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Art of Convincing - a gift i think :)

This is about how people make you feel and understand something as their way, what they want to show you.This is an art.You can say 'Art of healing' like thing. Or you can say get entrusted! :)

Yah and this kind of people are always make others start thinking about any point.May be its nice thing sometimes and also sometimes they make fool of them!:)

No really, i have seen thing like these happening.If you check around you, you will sure find it.Some people are good at language and give others time to think on point.Also they give kind of reasons why they are saying this in between.

I don't understand if the talk is not of your interest then why should you want to make other thinking your way.yah in generel talk we can share out thoughts but in some work related things or say desicion making , you should say the truth only instead of making the person confuse and feel him wrong!You must tell him the truth and suggest things as per it and thats why we human beings are here for!

As per me, everyone has his points and we must not oppose on everything.You can say your views ofcourse but in the right way:).

After all, humans are for helping each other, not to make others feel irritating about things they do.

This is about the wrong ones.Now talk about the nice ones.This is a quality,a skill which can help you in business.And as the world says,"everything is fair in bussiness".These things are the marketting strategies of today!

You can see mane ads daily on TV,newspapers,tabloids etc.They all are using their power, their art of making things look better and encourage people to use and buy the thing.This is the way how the world is growing helping each other in bussiness and keeping rotation of money chain. :)

Don't think that i am some financial analyzer :).I am just talking about things because i think its not with everyone.Some people are too smart and can work this way,make their purpose solved and we don't know even. May be in that its your benifit or your loss!

Some people don't think before they do things.May be they are good at others but its also a chance that others can use them!

But, the thing is that this art must be learned! :D yah... it can help you making your things ;) and also people think of you as a smart one ;) :D. Just joking, its a thing in nature, you cant take it but you can keeo it in mind while doing something.

write up here,make things better and smartness is a gift like logic and beauty!

Friday, May 2, 2008

corporates : is it only take & no give?

In corporates, the talk about loyalty is always a point of very long discussion.

some says, person must be loyal to company.some says, he should be loyal to work only.And some says,he should be loyal to the head person!

which one is to be listened? And say work is good for men,as we all know, what the work should do with men?I mean is loyalty is only from one side? Why people want things which they can't even think to give?

loyal to work is loyal to company.But is the company loyal to you? is it give job satisfaction,relexasation and fun to do work?is the environment is so transparent and good enough to clear all your doubts?

Cases have been seen when company tells someone to leave who had given many years there and helped growing it.And also things are satisfactory?

some companies just make the employees fool.they hire them saying they have fixed time shift and after joining person is forced to stay in the company upto latenight!Of course, this is required sometimes but when this 'sometimes' become 'daily',then the person understands the reality.Because the company wants things done ASAP, they just treat all employees like dead objects!Even after so much work, if the person have no appreciation then how he should behave?

Partiality is the big evil growing inside big corporates.What they do to employees who finishes their work in limit given? Even some are not allowed to use internet,phone,music and any such thing which can make them happy and feel relaxed while working!Even after completing his work also,these kind of things are counted in 'time waste' or 'abusage'.Who is abused here? the resources he uses because he is free after completing his work or the person himslef? The definition of 'abuse','misuse' and 'time waste' is always have different meanings for different persons.

Just think, the person is doing his work and not getting anything in response for appreciation.How it feels? Are they treated like slaves of the company who can't speak,cant smile,can't do anything which can give joy and make life easier?

If company wants loyalty and good work from employee then it should also give back things in reply.Person should be allowed to do legal things with work.If the person is happy and relaxed, the company will be. And then only he can think to stay there and want to help the company growing.

ya this is endless thing and i always think what is the solution for this.So i am ending this here.

what you think?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Goodman - the barber

Today i experienced very inspirable incident.I was at barber shop for shaving.He has done is job and shaved my beard.When i opened my purse, i found only a 500 Rs in it.I had no change to give him.I asked him if he has change for 500 bucks but he said no.So i asked him to wait for 5 minutes and i will get 10 bucks to him.surprisingly he said ok! He only knows me by face.And he put trust on me that i will give him 10 bucks.

10 bucks is no big amount but after all its his job's money. Then also he trusted.When i had given him 10 bucks after 5 minutes, there was smaile on our faces understanding each other.

I also apologized that its my fault that i had not checked my purse before i came to your shop. He said its ok.

Seriously, because of such things the world is beautiful.People should trust and put faith in others then only the world can be a nice place for us.In daily life we should make new friends and must not create enimies at all.Thats what nature also does!

Monday, April 14, 2008

A developer's story

sometimes i think what am i.i was a boy who was very much fond of company of friends and having fun with my loved ones.Always had been with my friends.I never disliked my school or college.

I joined the engg. college in computer science. After completing i was in training session.Only i know how i found my training.Its all a long story.I had been roaming for 15 days to different cities and many companies to get a training.It means its free service to company to get some experience.But i got some worst experience.

Some asked me for charge money for training, some asked to do it in night shifts ,some asked me to take my PC and some asked me to get some reference.After a long war with such a bad world, i also leanred new things in my life and became something what i should not!

Finally i got completed the studies and got my bachelor's degree.I got my first job in a company in night shifts.I used to go by bus.It was monsoon time and mostly i reached there totally wet becasue of raining. Though i tolerate the cool winds of AC and fishy nature of my IT manager.I think it was the worst 8 months anyone can have in their first job or work.

I always liked to be something different. I like to play music,singing and act in plays.The whole different qualities then what i am doing now.

I think life gives you something you need instead what you want.Thats the way life treats us.May be it had decided things for us.Though you can do things afterwards of your choice.

Now i am a software geek doing tricky technical programming stuff sitting in a small non-cubical place and made some cool friends around me.And i think sometime when i am free and reading some thing which are of myinterest and about life, that what i should do?Even i got a Yamaha keyboard at home, i never had complete training for playing it becaue of time limits.Though sometimes my fingures play some cool music which even i don't know!I hardly sit for it say once in a week.

I think person should be happy what he is with.Though i am somewhat different then what i was before joining the corporates, sometimes my soul tells me to remember olden days and think about it.I think the surroundings treats the person and doesn't let him think his way in corporates.But i think different and i do thing as i like.i should not have eny fear if i am not doing anything wrong.The whole thing is i must be loyal to my work and other things should not be seen between work and ourselves.

I still lack things and always learn new things but keep remembering my old days of my training sessions and first job.That tells me that worst then this is not possible.It had given me so much strength and lot more power.It always gives me power to tolerate things and be myself.And i had no fear of felling down because of that experience.

it may be possible that god had shown those days to give me such will power and strength to tolerate things and people.

Always unsatisfied - Office or Home?

Daily we go to office and come back to our home.Soemtimes i think in office that if i have a leave ( or i can go home early) then its better to enjoy.And when i am at home, i think to go to office. What the mind does i can't understand. Whenever i am at home i feel bored if i have to sit at home or to see TV.I always want to go outside with friends and enjoy holidays.

when we have something, we like another thing. And when we got it, we don't like it so much as we liked it before getting!Why the human nature is so? Why can't we think simple and be satisfied? People are always unsatisfied with what they have. They want something new but not enjoying the thing they have (bye the way,i am also included here :) )!

Life as people see today

We have read many things about life. There are many books on thinking about life and human nature.They all say many things. But after reading all those stuff also people have something to say.

I am not an writer or philosopher. what i write here is what i think.

What people do in daily life? They do all stuff to get money. just go to job, do the stuff there and returning home. This is the daily boring life of every single person in the world today. Ya it is ok that some of them are at very higher position and think that they are doing great things but the routine is same. Some doing business. But the things are same.

We all have some problems.some of us taking it seriously.But i think we should not worry about it.if you belive that you can do it then no need to take it seriously as you know that you will do it. And if you think that its a miracle if the problem solved then you must not take it as a headach! Just do your work and being cool.

some people taking tensions of whole world.They think that they can change everything and try to do such things.Argue with everything is their motto! what i feel is, leave thing which are not for you or not touching you.

Some are always running behind money and they have no time for their family and relatives.( Not even for god if they believe in!)So at the end of their life, they are bored (and must know if they are not mad!) that family is the first important thing in life.

Some people are workoholic.Means they always do work and nothing else.You must enjoy the world.It has many colors and many things to see , to feel and to explore (i am not saying the Discovery way!). you must enjoy every moment of life.Even your time at your work also can be a good time. you can here music or in breaks can have a game or something which refreshes you!Play games,live with music and keep your friends remembering you.

God is something (its not a thing but you can understand it) that keep us alive, not physically but menally. some call it will power or you can say hope. Hope is out of the scope of human understandings. Thats what world (or god? or somthing behind the scene of the world?) do with us.Soemtimes you notice that thing happens same as you thought.what you call it?
coincident?only once ,but not all the times dear!There is something somewhere who help us.Belive in god, belive in your self.

Today the world is growing very speedy but people are gadually lowering themselves.Everywhere there is something wrong.They all see just their benefit, altough they are hurting someone.Illegle things are happening everywhere.Terrosrist, underworld,mafias are hurting the society this or that way. Using ammunations or drugs.News channel is just a business.They are showing everything on TV though it is not relative!just do business is the motto for them.Globalworming,AIDS,cancer and many new deseases are here now.But in spite of such thing, world is still surviving.But upto when? one day will come when we have not any solution for such problems because all the nature will be dead...