Monday, July 14, 2008

Life - as per 'A happy crow'

In my childhood, I heard one story which was very popular. And might some of you know it. It tells about how one could find happiness from any kind of situations. I don't remember it fully, but I am writing what it says in some manner.

Once upon a time, a crow flying in the sky went in the king's palace. And he had done something which the king didn't liked. He ordered his men to catch the crow and give him punishment.

The men caught him. But in their surprise, the crow didn't noticing them and even not threatened! He was enjoying even that harassing situation. Then the king decided to give different sort of tortures to him.

They lied him on the hot plates on flames, but the crow was dancing on the plate and enjoying and also singing! They all are surprised.

They drawn him into the water but the crow was enjoying singing that 'i have not taken bath since some days, thank you dear king'.

He had not only tolerated but enjoyed his time during all tortures. The king was amazed by this and felt very confused.

He then left him and asked that why he is not feeling any kind of pain or problems? And what the crow has answered can be amazing for you also!

The crow answered,

"What will be happen I don't know and what is happening is not in my hands. I can't do anything for that but why should i waste my current time in the worries? I must enjoy the time i have right now which is given by god and can't be taken by anyone. That’s what all I do. I enjoy everything everyday and every time!"
The king and his men amazed and left the crow and praised him for his wisdom and fun loving nature.

What you think? This isn't truth? Just think about it, we are always in hurry and worry of something for future forgetting our present time which we have right now. We are always worried about what will happen and not enjoying our life.

What is life? It’s a chain which is made of small moments which we have enjoyed and remembered. That is what life is for. To live, love and be happy with family. :)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Why Murphy's law seems to be true?

I am always curious about this that why it always seems true that when we want something we never get it easily.But its right i mean you all think that how many times you have faced situations like when you want and not getting it done? :)

I have faced it many times.When i want to change something,i can't find things in my favor.Its always like god is not in your favor and always try to keep you trying hard before you got succeed!

I tell you what happened to me this week.Its a rainy season here and i always carry a bigger umbrella with me. And i swear, even not a single time i used it during last 4 days up to Thursday. And on Friday,i got a tiny umbrella to use which can't bear heavy rain. And in my surprise,that day i was accompanied by heavy rain! Even i got wet while coming from hotel in lunch time!:)

This is the latest story which i told. There are plenty of cases when we always thought that why this happens to me only?

But we never looked around us and so was i. I never thought in this way. But one day i thought that it might be i am wrong. Yeah, it can be that when you have something you don't need it. So you don't care about it and so not giving any attention to things. But when you want things, you forgot that you had things when you were never waiting for it. I mean when you were not paying attention to it or not wanting it.

Now i started thinking this way. May be it looks like when we not get anything we want easily,we can be afraid of things or will power can be lowered down.But what i think is we should face such situations and must learn thins from them.

If anyone get everything in their first effort only,then the world will not be like this. We even can't think of it :).

So,be strong..trying for things...and always face the world :).

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Rain is coming,making the climate,
its not so early but not too late.

Trees are friends,brings the rain,
don't kill them,you won't get pain.

making land soft,filled with moisture,
its time to hurray, when rain is here.

Everything is clean,everything is green,
cool wind and water,feels like heaven.

Falling from the sky,i think to fly,
summer bites here, so never say bye.