Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Do you have real 'Social Network'?

Social network...The word says it all, we all know what it means on net. Today everyone of us have Twitter, Facebook, Orkut etc... accounts used as Social network which connects to you more and more people, making a chain of friends of friends of friends .... and friends!

This is good, to connect to friends and new peoples online. Also it seem to be an easy way to communicate, so its widely used. But have you ever thought what a real Social Network means? It means to live in Social group, to be Social by nature, attitude and doings. It means to be in relations other than colleagues, family and friends and keep them live.

We all know that human is the best creation of nature, and they evolved day by day with new things in life. But as our life goes ahead, we forgot the main logic behind mankind. It is, mankind is always different than other animals in a way he behaves. We all forgot this truth which makes us special and different than others.

Since mankind created on earth, man had always been in groups and created the societies. From there the world social came right? And today, what we have done? We have just kept the word, not the meaning. The social networking technology today is good for use, but not to be addicted much that you forgot your originality.

I always say, "man has created technology for his ease, not the technology created us". It always be in our control. It's same like SkyNet from "Terminator" Movie. Technology is taking our minds and being our basic need, it should not be.

Remember the time before 1995-1990s, when people used to talk on phones, send letters, visit their loved ones, make real communities who have meetings in month etc...They lived without net friends, and better than us I think. Ask your parents Or grand-parents, how they have enjoyed their life before, and you will know what you are really missing.

Find your real friends... relatives... neighbors ... family members from your parents' natives... and meet them face to face... Build your own relationships with such a real society, and let Facebook shame on itself. It's just a idea for earning by your online time wasting. I don't say it's a bad idea. Use it, but don't get addicted.

Be real... Be Social... by the rules of mankind's nature... Understand the root element of human life...Relations...Isn't it?

Don't make yourself very comfortable ...

Life is very complex friends, It shows different roles and things as you go. We all are used to things we like either for need or for luxury. We always been dependent on things which mostly of are enjoyment or facilities. And far most is, we want life to be stable, like every horse of the stable does what you want.

But, have you ever thought that if one day any of the horse makes you surprise by not obeying you? Here I mean horse by incidents, work or any doable which you always want according to yourself. Human mind is very powerful and also very mad in the sense of thinking. We always think that, "this will work so that will also work". We always build bridges of dreams, but we don't know that they are all imaginary. It can break at any time.

We always been comfortable to thing we used to. I know this is nothing you I am telling you, but let me tell you this is the most dangerous thing. What happens when situations go wrong? It doesn't mean we should always think negative, but don't think every time positive. People mentally brakes when things go wrong. When someone loses job/business, gets frustrated and being very aggressive they choose wrong paths. This is not what life is for.

Life is full of surprises. People always want settled life, no one wants a job like Jacky Chan of "Shanghai Noon"! But people forget that facilities and luxuries are making us very comfortable, making the tolerance power and immunity of mind very low. Our mind and body is not able to bear hard conditions because it can't live without such things. It should not be so. I am not anti-luxury person, but what I feel is, "Use thing in manner and as needed". Just try to avoid things which are trying to make you feel fear of loss, which makes you so comfortable that you can't live without it.

"Everything must be in our control" is idle condition, but it's not always true. So always be prepared for unwanted and unexpected things. Just don't loosen your mind in hard conditions and be thoughtful, be simple, believe in life and love it. Love the world around you, except your daily schedules try to find something new around yourself.

Facilities and Luxuries are made by us and for us, before that also humans were always been living life and more joyful than now. Then why binding life to such physical things? Make sure, that you are using the things, not the things making you use them. 

Don't bind your life in barriers of physical assets/luxuries. This gives you fear and makes you coward. Such people always afraid of life and think ,"what will we do if we lose these things?"

Make yourself strong enough to live the life joyfully in any condition either it's in favor or not...After all, that is what life is all about. Isn't it? :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Problems are created by us...

Problem, a word which has something in itself, that shakes everybody. Everyone in the world has some problems, rather its an animal or a human being. And that is what we call life right? If everything is perfect in the world, everything is as what we want it to be then world will be like machine. Even machine have problems, so you cannot call it machine also :).Then it will be something very perfect for which i don't have words to explain.

Different person have different definition for problem. The thing what can be a problem for me it’s not always be for others. May be it seems very easy or usual thing to others...or may be harder to tolerate for some? But that's not what we are talking here what it is for people.

Thing is, problem is created by us for ourselves! Yes, you will not accept this and may call me mad but this is truth. Things are made complex by us even though they are very simple in reality.

Just think of situations where you have faced problems, the circumstances, the surroundings, the people, the place everything. And then think what happened because of which action (or reaction?). Sure you will find an answer for this and know that we can avoid some problems by our own understandings and nature. Some are issues which are not problems but we make them big thing.

First thing we must remember is, human is the best thing and the worst thing in the world. So being human is not the thing, but being a good human is the achievement.

Second is life goes as per our doings but we are not the drivers. We should keep living, rather than worrying for every small and the little thing in life. We make little things big and creating problems for ourselves. Avoid things which can be, be calm and be happy with what you have. Enjoy life as like its your birthday daily! Yeah, I know this sounds crazy but its the way.

The one who is fearless and without worries, enjoying life at every moment and calm is the happiest in the world. Let the problem come and we should face it. We will surely learn from it and next time you will be more confident about it. If you can sleep like hell without worries that is what life is about. Be happy, be real, be what you are for. And then you will see most of the things which seem to be a problem are really not! Voila, isn't it great? Yep it is... but for that you need to be calm and strong, need to tolerate things and keep mind in a natural state.

I hope I can also do the same :)...but let’s try my friends... such way... maybe we can change our life ... and thus... slowly... the world.... who knows....!