Thursday, July 1, 2010

Last success in Life...

    Its not that people always want to change things in life, but sometimes life inspires or make  them impateince. Also its true that what people think is not always happens with them.

    Some times what you want is not actually your desire, but you just want it to show others and satisfy your egoism. And life always go as she wants, not as we want. Though we think that things are done by us, but its life's decision which intends us to do things.

    People sometimes think to do something and as a result if they fails, they blame others and destiny. But life already has decided the path for you. Thing is, we are accepting all what we have or not. If we accept what we are and what we have, life seems going easy.We should think as said by lord shri krishna in 'Geeta',
"Just do your work without thinking of the result because that will create a constant thoughtful state of mind which eventually becomes the reason of your problems. And while doing your work you will be distracted.".

    This will lead us to the ultimate destiny and will not have any regrets or confusions in mind. It let you be in a devine condition which is only possible to reach if we have no doubts, no negative-positive thoughts and no misconceptions regarding ourselves.