Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tours- My last two weekends...

I have been on tour (actually you can say a little traveling :)) since last two weekends.

0n 13th June, I left for pune for a 3 days tour. It was managed so quickly, that I can't get my friend's cam with me :(. Things were cool when we left from here in bus.

But as someone said, 'Not everything happens in our favor when you are in between something'(I don't know who said, may be I? :)). And that happened to me also. Our bus got punctured after 200Kms from here (Baroda). And in my surprise, the sophisticated drivers can't even open the tier for replacement! Ha ha, can you believe that they taken more than 3 hours to replace the tire? Yeah, it was so boring to seat idle when no one knows you and you had not eaten something since 3 hours! But then god helped them and they got it done! Voila!

But someone there has a problem. He had one important exam in the morning. And the bus can't reach on time as per the current situation. The atmosphere was hot of shouts :).And finally they left with another option I think. Even one person who came from there, returned in the next morning from the next station (surat @ 6 AM) as he got hint of being too late for his work and worthless being there! I also was confused about the situation.

In addition to this, heavy rain is our companion for more than 5 hours of path! What to say now? The speed is controlled by the traffic and rain, and people had a nice boring sleep! Still I had a hope to reach about 1PM noon the next day. But all I was wrong and reached there @ 4PM on 14th June, the next day. Count it, it was 21 hours in a hopeless crap bus having AC which we don't want and no speed! I was too tired but my friend was there to pick me up. I was 8 hours late, can you believe that? :)

That was not superb, but ok trip. I had not much time as because of one 'function' there. So finished it all up and I was back here. Now, I will talk about second small trip which is a good experience.

0n 20th, last Friday, I was at my uncle's place. He was going to one pilgrimage by walk. It is 50 kms far from the home. And I was hired to drive the car with the luggage :).

Most different thing is we go on the whole night and sleep all the day. I must stay at every 2 or 3 kms from them as may be they need something while walking. Rather than driving I should say pulling the car :).

It was so boring to stop at every 2 kms and waiting for them.50 kms in 2 nights, 25 on each night. The road was almost empty having very less traffic as the area through which we go is like a jungle. Some places are too empty and feels horrible. Even you can here sound of every smallest thing happens. Instead of this feeling, I was bored because I can't even take a nap :(.

Only thing I fear is a dog! The dogs, which just run behind every car passing through barking constantly! So when ever I see dogs, I even pull the lights of the car off if is stop there. So, they don't bark and disturb me. And yeah, I can't get off the car to rip off :).

At some places, we got some snacks, taken rest for a while. It was totally different experience for me, too stop on the road. One person in the farm, near which I had arranged my car, was too curious about me that why I was there and doing what by stopping the car? It was funny too, as he got one hard stick and then also feared. He just started shouting and i was ignoring him, taking nap. Finally he got out of the farm, on the other side of the road, asking me. I explained him the situation and then he got his heart down :). He told me that he had his crops there in the farm for which he was staying there to keep it safe. I laughed and so he also :)!

Yeah it was tire able, but though I enjoyed. And in the morning, when all they got in the car, everyone is desperate about driving because of sitting positions. Everyone wants to sit comfortably on the driver's seat, but I never let them!

This was my 2 weekends, some mess and some enjoyment :)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The corporate play…

One sunny day, you reached the workplace, found you are one of them who are in early. But still the HR has not come! You just start your PC, check some mails and browse some sites. After a small cup of hot tea you start your work. You always do finish your work first.

May be people around you see movies, always on their (i)Phone talking with somebody or chatting continuously on net, but you are not doing it always for a long time.

Some are chain smokers, smoke 15 to 20 cigarettes per day and at least 10 minutes for each cigar. You never smoke, never take extra cup of tea (even not from you vending machine) and never waste time with smokers outside. You never have time to waste if you have work and in free time you read stuff related to your job things. And you never need to post a note "Don't waste your time here if you have" to show others that you are the only one who works most hard.

In the noon, you got into some stuff. And people point out that some are using resources badly. Its fine if it was up to that. It was gone to extent limit and discussed about what had happened previously before you joined the company and got a big black mail of not being fired because of something which was done by the wrong decisions of some people who might have always bad dreams every night and hopeless thoughts about people working very neatly on their things! The person talks about unrelated things and make all of you feel very bad that you are the most wanted fool and they had done greatness to you! Even all things are ok, everything is fine, and the person never appreciated you all. And whom they had appreciated can be their dear one who only does his work! You all have been told to do things which are not related to your profile whenever you are free, rather than improving your skills in your area! At least everybody needs some appreciation if the work is fine without any big problems. But you can't hope it. Huh, I know this is very long but you will understand it :). May be every one of you have been through this situation.

You can't believe it because the person, who should do things like making business and the company big growing venture, is doing funny and irritating things. If big companies, who were not big when started, always have thought like this then they never grown big. I think this is not bad for the people but bad for company. Because no one will be in if such things are known to the world!

Some people thought that things are ok. And they always say right about the person. May be as others thinks they can be close to or favorite ones of the person! Or maybe they are given rewards for this only! They believe in showing every small thing to the person, showing themselves as good and excellent. Yes it’s good to show your goodness but it’s bad to show others as fool or bad worker even if you are not as good as him!

It’s never been liked being rude to your colleagues and playing a game of betrayals, but corporate is corporate. We all have to face such things. But everything has its limit and every dong has his day. Today may be it is someone's day but may be you will get a chance. But the hope of 'all things will be well' is what everyone thinks. Hope its truth, but i don't think so. You have to do something and change it.

God bless all and give all of you the power and strong thoughts to think something which can be helpful to you and others also.