Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Goodman - the barber

Today i experienced very inspirable incident.I was at barber shop for shaving.He has done is job and shaved my beard.When i opened my purse, i found only a 500 Rs in it.I had no change to give him.I asked him if he has change for 500 bucks but he said no.So i asked him to wait for 5 minutes and i will get 10 bucks to him.surprisingly he said ok! He only knows me by face.And he put trust on me that i will give him 10 bucks.

10 bucks is no big amount but after all its his job's money. Then also he trusted.When i had given him 10 bucks after 5 minutes, there was smaile on our faces understanding each other.

I also apologized that its my fault that i had not checked my purse before i came to your shop. He said its ok.

Seriously, because of such things the world is beautiful.People should trust and put faith in others then only the world can be a nice place for us.In daily life we should make new friends and must not create enimies at all.Thats what nature also does!

Monday, April 14, 2008

A developer's story

sometimes i think what am i.i was a boy who was very much fond of company of friends and having fun with my loved ones.Always had been with my friends.I never disliked my school or college.

I joined the engg. college in computer science. After completing i was in training session.Only i know how i found my training.Its all a long story.I had been roaming for 15 days to different cities and many companies to get a training.It means its free service to company to get some experience.But i got some worst experience.

Some asked me for charge money for training, some asked to do it in night shifts ,some asked me to take my PC and some asked me to get some reference.After a long war with such a bad world, i also leanred new things in my life and became something what i should not!

Finally i got completed the studies and got my bachelor's degree.I got my first job in a company in night shifts.I used to go by bus.It was monsoon time and mostly i reached there totally wet becasue of raining. Though i tolerate the cool winds of AC and fishy nature of my IT manager.I think it was the worst 8 months anyone can have in their first job or work.

I always liked to be something different. I like to play music,singing and act in plays.The whole different qualities then what i am doing now.

I think life gives you something you need instead what you want.Thats the way life treats us.May be it had decided things for us.Though you can do things afterwards of your choice.

Now i am a software geek doing tricky technical programming stuff sitting in a small non-cubical place and made some cool friends around me.And i think sometime when i am free and reading some thing which are of myinterest and about life, that what i should do?Even i got a Yamaha keyboard at home, i never had complete training for playing it becaue of time limits.Though sometimes my fingures play some cool music which even i don't know!I hardly sit for it say once in a week.

I think person should be happy what he is with.Though i am somewhat different then what i was before joining the corporates, sometimes my soul tells me to remember olden days and think about it.I think the surroundings treats the person and doesn't let him think his way in corporates.But i think different and i do thing as i like.i should not have eny fear if i am not doing anything wrong.The whole thing is i must be loyal to my work and other things should not be seen between work and ourselves.

I still lack things and always learn new things but keep remembering my old days of my training sessions and first job.That tells me that worst then this is not possible.It had given me so much strength and lot more power.It always gives me power to tolerate things and be myself.And i had no fear of felling down because of that experience.

it may be possible that god had shown those days to give me such will power and strength to tolerate things and people.

Always unsatisfied - Office or Home?

Daily we go to office and come back to our home.Soemtimes i think in office that if i have a leave ( or i can go home early) then its better to enjoy.And when i am at home, i think to go to office. What the mind does i can't understand. Whenever i am at home i feel bored if i have to sit at home or to see TV.I always want to go outside with friends and enjoy holidays.

when we have something, we like another thing. And when we got it, we don't like it so much as we liked it before getting!Why the human nature is so? Why can't we think simple and be satisfied? People are always unsatisfied with what they have. They want something new but not enjoying the thing they have (bye the way,i am also included here :) )!

Life as people see today

We have read many things about life. There are many books on thinking about life and human nature.They all say many things. But after reading all those stuff also people have something to say.

I am not an writer or philosopher. what i write here is what i think.

What people do in daily life? They do all stuff to get money. just go to job, do the stuff there and returning home. This is the daily boring life of every single person in the world today. Ya it is ok that some of them are at very higher position and think that they are doing great things but the routine is same. Some doing business. But the things are same.

We all have some problems.some of us taking it seriously.But i think we should not worry about it.if you belive that you can do it then no need to take it seriously as you know that you will do it. And if you think that its a miracle if the problem solved then you must not take it as a headach! Just do your work and being cool.

some people taking tensions of whole world.They think that they can change everything and try to do such things.Argue with everything is their motto! what i feel is, leave thing which are not for you or not touching you.

Some are always running behind money and they have no time for their family and relatives.( Not even for god if they believe in!)So at the end of their life, they are bored (and must know if they are not mad!) that family is the first important thing in life.

Some people are workoholic.Means they always do work and nothing else.You must enjoy the world.It has many colors and many things to see , to feel and to explore (i am not saying the Discovery way!). you must enjoy every moment of life.Even your time at your work also can be a good time. you can here music or in breaks can have a game or something which refreshes you!Play games,live with music and keep your friends remembering you.

God is something (its not a thing but you can understand it) that keep us alive, not physically but menally. some call it will power or you can say hope. Hope is out of the scope of human understandings. Thats what world (or god? or somthing behind the scene of the world?) do with us.Soemtimes you notice that thing happens same as you thought.what you call it?
coincident?only once ,but not all the times dear!There is something somewhere who help us.Belive in god, belive in your self.

Today the world is growing very speedy but people are gadually lowering themselves.Everywhere there is something wrong.They all see just their benefit, altough they are hurting someone.Illegle things are happening everywhere.Terrosrist, underworld,mafias are hurting the society this or that way. Using ammunations or drugs.News channel is just a business.They are showing everything on TV though it is not relative!just do business is the motto for them.Globalworming,AIDS,cancer and many new deseases are here now.But in spite of such thing, world is still surviving.But upto when? one day will come when we have not any solution for such problems because all the nature will be dead...