Thursday, October 2, 2008

At a new place...

Hi friends, hi to all after so long time.I have been quite busy in changing my job.Yeah, i have been trying since 2 3 months and finally have done it! Today i completed 1 month here and now got some times to write something as a real re thinker :).

Its been some what hard to change my job after a long period of 3 years in the previous company.But finally i have decided and taken the action.So was busy in starting days learning new things and settling down here.The experience helps in life but we have to move on with new things,new people and of course new technology if we are in the real field:)! Yeah, same here with me here.I am learning new technologies for my work and enjoying the new environment while getting in balance with new people.

Sometimes i miss my friends and the old team, but it happens to everyone.As i think, you have to take some desicions.To get something we must forget others :(!I miss those days with my friends in parties,movies,lunches and suppers :).The long night stay at the company also can be a good moment:).It feels like i have lost all my spice but time will take care of it.And if we always stop ourselves because of emotions then the world will not grow.

Still life is important and friends are like elixir.We must be in touch with our loved ones :).